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Ruth advances gender equality by creating opportunites placing and  preparing elite, diverse female athletes for successful careers. 

We Are Ruth

At Ruth, our mission is to create equal opportunity, promote diversity and support the advancement of women in the workplace.  We do this by fostering an inclusive community of women+ athletes who have the competencies and drive that make them proven winners in academics, sports, work, and life. We are a professional networking community specifically curated by and for women+ collegiate athletes. Through connection, education, coaching, and empowerment, we prepare elite, diverse female athletes for successful careers. Ruth creates both an internal community of women+ athletes and builds external relationships with companies committed to advancing women+ at work.

The Ruth CommuniTeam®

We are the Ruth CommuniTeam® - a powerful network of current, recently graduated, and former women+ collegiate athletes.

Ruth was built by female athletes for female athletes. As athletes, we know the power teams possess to drive and embolden individuals. As women+, we know the value of our voices and power to drive equitable change. The Ruth CommuniTeam® connects women+ with resources, community and a solid foundation necessary for succeeding in the corporate world.


Ruth Matters

”I believe that in order for organizations and communities to thrive across the globe, women need to be in decision maker roles. Ruth strives to make this happen by exposing women to more opportunities using sports experiences as the foundation for their leadership talent.”    

Digit Murphy

Ruth President & Head Coach

What People Are Saying 

Marcuzzi_Natalie_Headshot copy.jpg

Natalie Marcuzzi

Investment Banking and Professional Athlete

“The Ruth CommuniTeam® makes a difference in helping female athletes succeed so they are not left figuring it out all on their own.”

Emilie Harley
Ruth Athlete

“As an athlete a lot of my time has been dedicated to practices and games instead of jobs and internships. Sometimes the qualities and skills I’ve obtained from sports don’t easily translate onto a paper résumé. Team Ruth’s network made it possible for me to find a job that I could balance with my professional hockey career, they provided me a credible reference, and advocated for my talents. Team Ruth was instrumental for me to connect with the Jacobs Institute in Buffalo and meet new physicians and coworkers who I believe will have a huge impact to mentor me on my journey to my career in the medical field.”


Mark Bolding

Yale University Coach

“Ruth understands female athletes and prepares my players for life and work beyond college while fitting into their demanding schedules."

Ruth Athlete Colleges

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In The News

Tending to Her Goals

with Elaine Chuli on CPA Spotlight

Elaine is the goaltender for the Toronto Six, part of the National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL), as well as an associate at LiveCA LLP, an online accounting firm.

"Being a goalie, every single detail matters or the puck is in the back of the net. Working with clients, every single detail matters as they are relying on us as a critical part of their business."


Where Will You Find Your Next Leader?

report between EY and espnW on how sport
advances women at every level.

"When they enter the boardroom, women athletes have a unique advantage. In addition to the strong work ethic, determination and team spirit fostered by their time on
the playing field, they thrive on competition, which C-suite women who were polled in EY/espnW research noted was a bigger factor in their careers than did more junior women. In the US, only 4.8% of the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are women; worldwide, women make up just 3.4% of CEOs."


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